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I’m in a place again where I’d like to blog a little about my goings-on, fibery and otherwise. I’m a bit worried, though, that this blog is completely irrelevant. It has been hodge-podge and erratic, and it has never had any cohesiveness. This may or may not matter, given that I write for myself and possibly for a tiny tiny audience, and I kind of wonder if I should just stick with it because starting new blogs all the time is silly. But at the moment, I do kind of feel like I could make something more interesting, something I could look back on for myself and keep track of what I was thinking and doing. I’m going to have to ponder this, and also maybe research a little bit about best practices. I need a better workflow for photographs, for one thing, and more consistency with tagging.

Another observation is that my writing style has gotten very convoluted in the past few years! I feel like I used to be able to express myself clearly, in my own voice and with my own tone. Lately though I look back at my sentences and feel like they resemble word salad, with phrases that don’t come out sounding at all like they do in my head. Possibly I need a grammar refresher, or to stop second-guessing and over-editing everything I write. (Things start out reasonably, for the most part, but then I excise sentences and rearrange words and that is when the nonsense and excessive complication rears its ugly head.)

Anyway. It’s spring on the island, edging into summer. The children are out of school and spending lots of time out of doors as well as time with their noses in books. The garden is growing, though I feel perpetually behind on my planting calendar, and of course the weeding. I’m feeling really good about Tour de Fleece, though still grieving the bustling productivity of pre-2015 FOAY. I’m leash training the kitten, and gearing up to hopefully welcome our puppy in a couple of months. I’ve accepted the role of PTA treasurer and have a little trepidation but frankly a little eagerness about receiving the handover of records and signing privileges, and seeing what this organization can do in the next year. So…life is good. Hopefully I can share a bit about it in time.


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Greetings, 2016!

I can’t believe I made it a full calendar year without posting here. I started typing up a recap of the highlights of 2015 (especially as pertaining to the topics I like to cover here), but that was growing difficult, cumbersome, and challenging to word well. So instead I will just break the ice a little and say, hi! I’m still here! And I’m (with the best of intentions, as always) really thinking about blogging more in 2016. Let’s see what happens!

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I haven’t vanished!

I’ve spun a sample of Black Welsh Mountain, but I really wanted to have a sample from a second supplier’s wool that was in my stash before I share it. I’ve also got some Cotswold on the spindles, and a very fun project with hand-combed CVM! For now I just can’t scrape up the time to post (sick kids, house responsibilities, preschool responsibilities, oh my!) but I hope to do so very soon – stay tuned.


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It’s pretty quiet around here, huh.

My husband asked me why I even set up a blog if I never update it!

I’m not sure, to be honest. I don’t seem to have much time for writing. I’m going to keep trying though! It’s Farmer’s Market season, and I’ve made progress on my knitting projects, the vegetable garden is coming up, and I’m steadily weeding and getting ready to plan out my decorative gardens. Lots of good stuff going on!

Baby girl is toddling and getting into mischief. Big boy is loving his swimming classes and spending tons of time outdoors. Good times!

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Happy New Year!

Well, on December 29 I broke my laptop. This has severely changed my computer use. I don’t really have time to type  a proper blog post; I hope to write about spinning and knitting progress soon! Just wanted to leave a shout-out to keep this blog from being a wasteland of non-update-iness!

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Recurring themes

So I wanted to touch on one of the reasons I started this blog. I really wanted to explore this notion I have, about the difference between your talents and your passions, and the way these things can and should shape your life.

See, I’m 30 now. I feel like I am supposed to know by now what I want to do when I grow up – and, as a grown-up, I should be doing it. But the truth is, by the time I graduated from college I’d lost all direction and I have been drifting ever since. Part of this is simply the reality of being a trailing wife. As a family, we focused on hubby’s career, because it was financially prudent to bank on the nearly-sure thing that he’d find a well-paying job at the end of his 7 years of training.

But it’s also very much a personality issue. Difficulty committing, and especially difficulty applying myself to a pursuit without a guarantee of success. I feel sometimes like my past set me up for success but didn’t help me learn to fail. Even things I enjoyed, if I didn’t excel right away, I lost interest.

But as I raise my children and contemplate what I want them to get out of this life, I find that it’s not success that matters at all. It’s not even talent. Everything boils down to motivation. If you want something, badly enough to take a chance at meaningful failure – really throw yourself into something without knowing for sure what the outcome is, then that’s exactly what you should be doing. In a sense, that’s who you are.

So I guess the conclusion is that no one would look at me today and say, “Wow, she’s a really good ________.” I don’t fit into any pigeonholes, and I’m OK with that. Because there are some things that have been part of my life forever, to which I return again and again, and I’m finding that those are the things that define me. Although I might practice them with mediocrity, I do practice, and I find a sense of flow in the practice, and the more deeply I engage myself in these interests, the more likely I am to build my skills.

I’m a knitter, a cook, a wife and mother, a homemaker and housekeeper, a gardener. I’m an animal lover, a friend, a reader, a researcher. I’m not great at any of these, but I want to be, and I’m willing to put in the work to get there.

And a new day dawns...

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Hello world!

I think I’ll keep this test post around for a bit while I tinker. Can’t wait to start blogging…

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