I’m in a place again where I’d like to blog a little about my goings-on, fibery and otherwise. I’m a bit worried, though, that this blog is completely irrelevant. It has been hodge-podge and erratic, and it has never had any cohesiveness. This may or may not matter, given that I write for myself and possibly for a tiny tiny audience, and I kind of wonder if I should just stick with it because starting new blogs all the time is silly. But at the moment, I do kind of feel like I could make something more interesting, something I could look back on for myself and keep track of what I was thinking and doing. I’m going to have to ponder this, and also maybe research a little bit about best practices. I need a better workflow for photographs, for one thing, and more consistency with tagging.

Another observation is that my writing style has gotten very convoluted in the past few years! I feel like I used to be able to express myself clearly, in my own voice and with my own tone. Lately though I look back at my sentences and feel like they resemble word salad, with phrases that don’t come out sounding at all like they do in my head. Possibly I need a grammar refresher, or to stop second-guessing and over-editing everything I write. (Things start out reasonably, for the most part, but then I excise sentences and rearrange words and that is when the nonsense and excessive complication rears its ugly head.)

Anyway. It’s spring on the island, edging into summer. The children are out of school and spending lots of time out of doors as well as time with their noses in books. The garden is growing, though I feel perpetually behind on my planting calendar, and of course the weeding. I’m feeling really good about Tour de Fleece, though still grieving the bustling productivity of pre-2015 FOAY. I’m leash training the kitten, and gearing up to hopefully welcome our puppy in a couple of months. I’ve accepted the role of PTA treasurer and have a little trepidation but frankly a little eagerness about receiving the handover of records and signing privileges, and seeing what this organization can do in the next year. So…life is good. Hopefully I can share a bit about it in time.


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