Tour de Fleece recap

I’m going to be trying to update here somewhat regularly with spinning and knitting stuffs. I love it when podcasters give their weekly overview of knitting accomplished, and I anticipate it could be a good record to look back on.

So with that in mind, here’s my very brief Tour de Fleece recap. My goals were to spin one mile of singles, to reduce the volume of my fiber stash, and to remember my love of fiber! I count success in all areas. Lots of tinkering with and adding onto small projects got done, and carding and combing projects, and knitting from handspun projects; I count these as wins for fiber love and stash reduction even though I didn’t count yardage on them. For the projects I did count yardage on, I estimate about 1.66 miles of singles spun, plus some plying into the deal! It’s amazing how much can be accomplished when one puts one’s attention to it. 🙂

Photos of handspun yarn for Tour de Fleece 2014

The photos are just projects I started for the Tour, and they include about 2-2.5 ounces spun on spindles, 8 ounces spun on the Pocket Wheel, and 4 ounces spun on the CPW.

For a couple of days during the Tour, I had a kid-free house and found that a blocked-out hour or two can be extraordinarily productive and that my fears of not knowing whether to prep, spin, or knit during any given crafting time were unfounded. I followed my heart and did what needed doing, especially what needed freedom from little people helping. 🙂 I’m actually looking a little bit forward to having some days this fall with both kids in school — and wondering if production spinning and/or making garments might not be in my future after all.

Well, that update was fairly painless, so here’s hoping that I can drop in a note about my knitting and fiber prep stuff soon as well.


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