Your fingers would remember their old strength better…

…if they grasped your FIBER.

I feel like Theoden King, coming out of his ensorcelled stupor to find the vibrant world of people and things he once loved. I feel like Emmett, returning to Bricksburg through the portal and realizing that he has — possibly has always had — the ability to generate new ideas and create unique constructions from the materials around him.


Clearly, there has been another spinning and blogging hiatus. As evidenced by this blog, I do have my ups and downs but this has been a severe down. I am not sure I have touched spindle, wheel, yarn, or fiber for nearly a year. I had almost an aversion to my whole stash, I was in denial about the likelihood of pests in my wool, and I had other responsibilities that crowded out hobby time.

But a month ago, something started to stir inside me again. Tour de Fleece was coming…maybe I should think about spinning a little? If only to reduce the volume of wool being stored in inconvenient places! I braced myself, and tackled the task of inventorying my unspun fiber.

In the process, I did have to face my fears: there were some isolated collections of unprotected fiber and yarn and raw fleece that had been made unusable by infestation. Tools and materials I’d acquired from friends looked at me with accusing glares as I remembered how much I had wanted to impress and please people by making special things with these products, inciting some uncomfortable feelings. But I also was able to stir up some long-forgotten feelings of bliss and delight as I handled my beautiful wool and pondered the textiles it could become. I started picking up spinning projects, and planning garments.

I am back. And as I start spinning regularly again, I am astonished to realize just how much skill I seem to have acquired in my years of spinning. I look at singles and know how they will behave once plied; I look at fiber and know how its colors will interplay as yarn; I take yarn and I can envision exactly the garment it ought to be, and go looking for the pattern to match. I’m far from the best spinner out there, and frankly my skill is far behind others who’ve got nearly 9 years of practice under their belts as I have. But that’s okay. I’m a spinner, and that’s not bad!


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