On homemaking

More spinning content to come, there has been Northwest alpaca and it has been good. 🙂 But for now, a post based on a conversation my friend and I were having about there not being as many really good (especially secular) homemaking blogs as we’d like to see…

For the past few weeks I’ve been re-focusing my attention on matters at home. From cleaning to budgeting, I’ve felt like my skills as a homemaker have been slipping, so I’ve worked to bring them back up to par. I’ve read a lot of homemaking blogs along the way and these have given me a lot of food for thought. So I wanted to put some of those thoughts in one place.

My greatest inspiration has come from http://ourmothersdaughters.blogspot.com/. I spent a couple days and worked my way through every post listed in the sidebar under “Food Organization”, “Laundry Organization”, and “The Reasonably Clean House”.

I love the concept of the Reasonably Clean House. I think it speaks directly to that perfectionist streak in so many of us that leads us to do boom-and-bust housekeeping, delaying needed cleaning tasks until the mythical time when we’ll have enough energy to do it PERFECTLY, or focusing so hard on the details that we miss the big picture. (Also known as the common character trait that has made the Flylady rich.) The full phrase is “The Reasonably Clean, Fairly Neat, and Comfortably Tidy House” which just about sums it all up. Isn’t that what we all want for our families? Isn’t that what many of us are trying to provide when we sign up for this full-time homemaker gig?

Along the same vein, I was super taken with the notion that the minimum that should be expected is that a homemaker provides their family with food and clean clothes. I mean, what could be more basic? And yet the laundry piles grow perennially in my house, I struggle with the food budget because of all the little last minute trips to the grocery, and fail to set dinner on time because of the lofty menu ideas I come up with at the 11th hour; and though I do probably a better-than-average job of keeping the toilets scrubbed, I still feel like a less-than-average housekeeper.

I’m working on implementing regular laundry, prompt folding, “blitz” cleaning (right into the corners!), confining and corraling dirt-makers (especially kids!!), menu planning, and more. And it feels really good. I feel like a competent homemaker this week, and I’m optimistic that I can find a rhythm that will make this last for the long run.

As another point of motivation, I’ve been so impressed by the cute decor at all the various photographed homes in the blogs I’ve read. I’ve felt stymied about decorating my home because of the monetary outlay, but you know? A few flowers, some cheery textiles, and some thrifted items could really go a long way toward making me feel like I’m providing a lovely place for my family to grow and for our friends and family to visit. So I’ll be working on that in the near future too. Maybe even applying a little (paint). It used to be traditional to whitewash the living areas every spring, and after living here two years, I really think we’re ready for a touch-up (not to mention the color that I’ve craved for my whole adult life!) Projects ahoy…



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2 responses to “On homemaking

  1. On the menu thing, we’ve been happily using the menu planning site gfreecuisine.com for a year, which is a sister site of relishrelish.com. It lets you pick up to five meals a week and 2 “specials”, and (I think) an unlimited number of “freezer meals”, and it gives you recipes and a shopping list for all of them, so you can shop once. It combines all the 1/4 onions and 1/2 a bell peppers so you get exactly what you need. 🙂

    We’ve been extraordinarily happy with it. There have only been two “duds” in their recipes, and we have many new favorites.

    • Ah, sweet. I tried the Saving Dinner cookbook, which gives a week’s worth of menus and a shopping list, but not only did that make it inflexible, but I also hit a ton of just plain AWFUL recipes and have shelved that book indefinitely. I vowed not to pay for any more cookbooks (or other recipe sources) without a solid recommendation, so yours is golden. 😀

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